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Information about the processing of personal data by customers / contractors in connection with the sale of goods and the provision of services and any marketing activities Economy Class Company s.r.o.

1. Activity of Economy Class Company s.r.o.

1. 1. The business name of Economy Class Company sro, Company ID: 26147289, with registered office at Výhledy 1234/8, Praha 10, 100 000, registered in the Public Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague in Section C, File 74422 (hereinafter referred to as "ECC") is primarily the purchase and sale of Joalis products and the organization of training events in the field of CIC Methods

1. 2. An integral part of the business activity is marketing activity to promote the company and its goods and to improve the customer / contractual partner services within the frame of the processing of customer's personal data and contact details of the contractual partners.

Administrator or Processor?

2. 1. ECC is a personal data manager. ECC is also referred to as "our company" or "we" in the text.

2. 2. Our company informs that it is not required to have a designated Personal Protection Officer within the meaning of the GDPR Regulation. If the need arises, the ECC will inform its customers and business partners in a timely manner

2. 3. Inquire about processing your personal information by contacting us at: ECC, Na výhledech 1234/8, Praha 10, 100 00.

What do we need to do to process your data?

3. 1. Our company, as a personal data controller, is required to comply with the obligations arising from Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) of the Personal Data Processing Act (hereinafter referred to as "applicable law"). Our company regularly checks the compliance of its practices with applicable law and responds responsibly to the fulfillment of these obligations, with the emphasis on preserving the privacy of individuals and protecting their data. The necessary protection is also provided by third parties cooperating with the processing of personal data or acting as personal data managers or their other administrators, processors or recipients of personal data.

How do we process data for you and for what purposes?

4. 1. Basic contact details and contractual data of our customers, contractual partners and potential customers are processed to govern the contractual relationship and to meet the obligations arising from the business relationship.

4. 2. Personal data are further processed to meet legal obligations, in particular tax obligations, obligations towards other administrative or judicial authorities, control authorities, etc.

4. 3. Personal data are also processed on the basis of a legitimate interest of our company, especially in connection with the recovery of legitimate claims of our company, support of business activities, marketing, business relations within the group to which our company is part.

4. 4. Our company processes personal data of contractual partners and customers specifically for the following purposes:

(a) negotiation of the conclusion or amendment of the contract,
(b) performance of the contract and the provision of services,
c) fulfillment of the obligations imposed by law in relation to the given contract, if lawful the rules on the fulfillment of such an obligation are foreseen (d) settlement of contractual claims and payment obligations (e) fulfillment of accounting and tax obligations (f) the recovery of claims and the enforcement of other claims through courts or other courts independent institutions
g) Customer Satisfaction Assessment,

(h) Basic customer contact (i) offering similar products and services,
(j) marketing activities, in particular management of customer records, sending of information messages about news about the manager's activities, etc.)

4. 5. Personal data of prospective customers or contractual partners are processed for the purpose of future conclusion of a contractual relationship and the sale of goods or services by our company.

4. 6. Our company, as a Personal Information Manager, maintains an electronic database (CRM) system in which it records basic personal and contact information of customers / business partners or potential customers, evaluating their purchasing behavior to provide individualized offers for product and service collection. p>

4. 7. The personal data of the customers are also processed within the loyalty program of our company, which is connected with the provision of a range of services and benefits, bonus system, discount actions, promotion, etc. In connection with the customer's participation in the loyalty program, due to the necessity of registration and subsequent participation in the bonus program and the simultaneous provision of the offered benefits associated with the loyalty program em from our company.

4. 8. Personal data of customers, business partners and potential business partners are processed within the CRM system to the following extent:

- identification data: name, surname, date of birth, birth number, nationality
- contact details: address of permanent residence, correspondence address, telephone, e-mail address

4. 9. The following data are processed for legal entities or entrepreneurs:

- identification data: company name, name, surname, date of birth, birth identification number, ID, seat, place of business
- contact details: correspondence address, telephone, e-mail address
- other personal data: bank account number, contact name and surname person /
sales representative and her telephone number, mail or other contact address, job position

4. 10. For the purpose of marketing our company and improving services, business communications (newsletters, magazines, discount offers, events, invitations), e-mail addresses provided by them in connection with the purchase of goods are sent to customers / business partners and future business partners services or on the basis of the consent given. Sending business communications has the customer / contractor right at any time to simply reject and reject the costs, as communicated in any business communication.

4. 11. When visiting a website operated by our company, cookie information may be stored on the computer of the data subject who automatically recognizes it at the next visit. For example, cookies make it possible to customize Web pages to the data subject's interests or save a username that does not need to be re-entered every time. If the data subject does not want his computer to be recognized, it is necessary to modify the settings of the Internet browser in such a way as to remove cookies from the computer's hard drive, block cookies, or set warnings before storing cookies. ECC uses and www. Only cookies from the category of essential cookies that allow us to operate the e-shop, crawl it, use its features such as shopping cart and electronic invoicing.

5. How do data get to our database?

5. 1. We get the new data into our database (CRM) directly from our customers / contractual partners and Joalis s.r.o.

5. 2. In our customer database we enter data

a) obtained from concluded contracts (where our company is a contracting party)
b) obtained directly from customers in connection with their participation in the loyalty program
c ) obtained directly from potential contractors with their consent - in particular, when requesting to process an offer of a business or service (eg when participating in promotions such as fairs).

6. Which people have access to your personal data to whom do we pass them?

6. 1. All personal data is handled by our company as an administrator.

6. 2. Having regard to the necessary cooperation and synergies within the Economy Class Company s.r.o. and on shared management systems, selected personal data of customers / contractual partners are also made available to our subsidiary Joalis s.r.o.

6. 3. Customer database is not shared with another personal data manager.

6. 4. We can confinely share processed personal data with processors who provide for us some activities, such as:

- Accounting and Tax Agencies
- Providing Billing Services
- Law Offices
- system support from the parent company or other group companies
- support for marketing activities (sending mail, sending bulk mailing offers, including offers sent by e-mail, customer or market satisfaction survey, management of the customer's telephone and e-mail line , evaluation of buying behavior and similar marketing activity)

6. 5. In addition, we may share the customer / contractor's contact details to a limited extent with the companies that provide transportation, storage or control of the goods sold for us, the collection and disposal of unused sold goods and packaging, the insurer, only to the extent necessary and for the necessary time.

6. 6. We provide IT services related to data processing by our own efforts using our staff to maximize data protection and privacy. Personal Information may be accessed by the IT Department of the Economy Class Company s.r.o. (including external processors), with personal data being processed within the EU territory to back up and archive data, and to ensure the functionality and innovation of the IT system used by the concern.

6. 7. The processing of personal data may be for us and the company can be processed by the processors solely on the basis of a contract on the processing of personal data, with the guarantees of organizational and technical security of these data and the definition of the purpose of processing, and the processors may not use the data for other purposes.

6. 8. Personal data may be made accessible in connection with the fulfillment of legal obligations within the framework of the provided cooperation between the administrative authorities, in particular the bodies involved in imprisonment, control authorities, courts, executors, insolvency administrators, etc., only to the extent stipulated by law and based on their legitimate challenges.

7. How long do we keep them?

7. 1. We keep the data of the contractual partners in the database for the duration of the contractual relationship so that we can fulfill the contract and the resulting contractual obligations and exercise the resulting rights. For the purpose of fulfilling the contract, we may also process the personal data without the consent of the data subject.

For the purposes of archiving and fulfillment of statutory archiving and control obligations and recovery of legitimate claims of our company, we keep personal data of the data subjects for at least 10 years after the termination of the contractual relationship. If the law provides for a shorter deadline for fulfilling archiving obligations or control obligations, in particular with respect to the tax office, the data is retained for this shorter, legally prescribed period.

7. 2. We obtain data that we obtain with your consent or that are maintained in the CRM system for the duration of the contract / consent. In the event that your consent is revoked, personal data will be retained and processed if it is necessary for the effective enforcement of the eligible claims of the parties or if such obligation arises from the law.

7. 3. If the purpose of processing ceases to exist, all data of data subjects, data that served for that purpose was deleted from our database.

8. What are the rights of individuals to process their personal data?

8. 1. A natural person who is the subject of the data we process has the right to:

a) access to personal data under Article 15 of the GDPR
b) for the correction of incorrect personal data under Article 16 GDPR < c) request the deletion of your personal data pursuant to Article 17 of the GDPR

d) file an objection to processing pursuant to Article 21 GDPR
(e) the right to a limited processing under Article 18 GDPR; f) to the extent stipulated by the applicable law under Article 20 of the GDPR; and g) file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection - for further information on in case its rights resulting from the applicable legal regulations have been breached.

8. 2. In case of any queries or requests for an explanation regarding the protection of personal data, please contact us at or by phone +420 274 ​​781 415

9. Consequences of non-disclosure

9. 1. The failure to provide personal data results in the impossibility of entering into a contractual relationship and the resulting impossibility of performing contractual obligations. Your consent to the processing of your personal data, if provided, may at any time be withdrawn free of charge from your e-mail address, or in writing to our company's address.

2. If the consent to the processing of personal data is revoked in connection with the marketing activities of our company, the provision of the services or benefits for which the consent has been given is terminated at the time of its withdrawal.

10. Transmission of personal data outside the European Union

10. 1. Personal data are not passed on to third parties based outside the European Union.

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